The Temple of Hamal

Temple of Hamal:

The Temple of Hamal has different “orders,” .

  • Order of the Dawn, or Albeggiare — a combination of warriors and evangelists. It is led by Kardinal Alphonse Orrick.
  • The Inqueridore, those with a greater focus on political maneuvering, investigations, rooting out Sa’iph spies, and the like. They are also particularly focused on opposition to wizards/mages; the order of wizards, the Politi, is dominant in Sa’iph, and is heavily associated with the past and on-going enslavement of indentured servants in Sa’iph. It is led by Kardinal Corrado Rovati.
  • The Storico — members can actually belong to another Order; this group focuses on historical research, looking for artifacts, etc. It is led by Kardinal Wyn Youngman.
  • The Birraio, those who focus on crafting potions.
  • The Benessere — focus is on healers, public health, etc.

Each Order has in descending order:

  • Kardinal
  • Archmaters or Archpaters
  • Maters or Paters
  • Fraters or Sorella

There can be any number of administrative titles, or methods of address for superiors or inferiors, depending on what appeals to you. It’s a young church, still taking shape; lack of uniformity is one of its characteristics. There is no overall head of the church akin to a Pope; each Order has its own way of making Order-wide decisions or doctrinal pronouncements. Church-wide, the top two levels come together in Conclave to make decisions (or bicker, as the case may be).

The Temple of Hamal

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