Morgana decided to take the carriage ride to Jord in the hopes of learning whether Edward Shaw’s disappearance was connected with the silversmith, Telanya i’Syvo. She learned of a recently arrived Shal noble who had purchased an estate in the area, Lord Solin, and met a laborer – Hannen Wise – who was working on renovations at the estate. She also heard about a painter who was visiting, Sparrow Meridian, who spent most of her days traipsing about the countryside and painting landscapes.

As of Message #91 in this thread the player had to take a sabbatical from the game; she later rejoined but I have not yet had the opportunity to update her summary.


Richard’s storyline did not advance far beyond the summary given in Part Four. For various real-life reasons, the player withdrew from the game, and his thread was closed after Message # 188 in this thread. For purposes of the game, the last events from his thread – his meeting of Sam Franklin and Wynnder Darcy and heading off north with Archmater Retta Pierce – are non-canon, effectively ret-conned out of the story.

Amira and Gabriel

After her encounter with the Fossegrim, Amira decided to forego meeting the selkies and returned to Halveet, where she picked up the items she had left with Tancredo Shal Maletti and booked passage on the Gabbiano to Helve to meet up with Hichiro. En route, she traveled with a short-lived PC, Gwaewon – a member of the ship’s crew – and met NPC Marika, a scholar of some sort, and Marika’s apprentice, an alchemist named Eric. Along the way, they learned that a ship traveling from Torei, the Freeman — the first of the ships built for Torei by the Jotunn – was long overdue for its arrival in Tarrish. Other ships traveling from the east had likewise gone missing, and magical efforts to discern the cause had been unsuccessful.

The Gabbiano continued on and learned the cause for the missing ships. A lighthouse had been disabled, and the Freeman and the other missing ships had foundered on shore. Viewing through a spyglass revealed what seemed to be undead on shore, and no visible living survivors. Further, once past the site of the shipwreck, it appeared magical mirages had been constructed to hide the wrecks from approaching ships.

Unwilling to risk the safety of its own crew and passengers, the Gabbiano continued on to Helve. There, Amira met up with Hichiro, learned more about the various Neridi tribes, and that Hichiro was soon to be leaving Helve to assist with a quest for information on behalf of the Temple of Hamal.

Amira also met a new PC, Gabriel – a young mage with a hankerin’ for travel and adventure – as well as Sam Franklin and Wynnder Darcy, who were scheduled to meet with Hichiro on behalf of the Temple and be escorted by him to distant southern islands. Sam, gregarious and friendly, invited Gabriel to come along on their journey. In another meeting with Hichiro, Sam presented the letter that Veiled had long ago retrieved from the orcs who had killed and eaten Erlenn Halderson. That letter, which was written down by Hichiro, was an introduction to Kimiko of the Glimmer Skims, who could provide information about the “the ebon pearl of the deep abyss where the emperor of the ocean shadows sleeps” and how the pearl was long ago lost.

Amira and Gabriel joined up with Sam and Wynnder and headed for the islands. As of Message #505 in this thread, they have just helped the crew repel an attack of sahaugin, and are continuing on their journey.


When Daned Thand went to meet with the mysterious “Sura,” Aladar waited to see whether he was followed from the meetinghouse for the Temple of Hamal. And indeed, he was. As Daned encountered Sura — a Politi journeywoman in the marketplace — Aladar saw that Daned was being followed by a beggar who had been lurking outside the Temple. When Daned and “Sura” parted, however, the beggar followed her until she returned to the luxury residence where she was staying, and then ventured out to a park to meet up with a Politi Dominta, a stern-looking woman with a hooked nose and a mole by her mouth. Aladar watched their exchange, and could tell that the man was angry. When the man left, Aladar followed him and confronted him — he learned that the man, a half-Shal segnato was annoyed by how the Politi Dominta was pulling everyone’s strings. (The man was Damiano, Lord Antazos’s bastard son.)

Returning to Daned, Aladar learned that Sura is actually Surema, a Shal woman with whom Daned has a half-sister in common. Surema told him that she was able to give him the two young children of their half-sister, if he could act quickly. Reluctant and fearing a trap, Aladar agreed to help with freeing the children, and approached James Laibrook for assistance in getting the children and Daned out of the city safely.

At Message #280 in this thread, the decision was made by the player and GM to retire the character as his obligations to Maeva placed serious limitations on the PCs freedom to move about in a way that the player would enjoy. We know from developments in other threads (which will be summarized later), that the children were successfully liberated.


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