Morgana Shaw’s story began in Halveet; having just finished up a job tracking down a quarry, she visited the Halveet Vind Hall only to find a posting from Penelope “Penny” Shaw (the widow with the young son who lives in the apartment below Aladar). Penny’s husband, Edmund, disappeared weeks before; his horse and equipment were turned in by an unknown person to the Halveet Vind Hall. Morgana sought out Penny (meeting Ollie at the same time), and learned that Penny was told Edmund was working a job near Halveet.

Wanting to help out the young widow (and perhaps find out what happened to one of the few decent members of the Shaw family), Morgana drew upon her contacts to find out whether the story about a job near Halveet was true. It was not — Edmund’s horse had been turned into the Vind Hall in Darilei, Morgana’s home city, by a lawyer named Allenel Gilford. Morgana hopped a ship to Darilei and popped into Gilford’s office to surprise him, finding the lawyers and his assistant already jumpy and nervous. Caught by surprise, Gilford confirmed that he was the one who had arranged to return Edmund’s horse to the Vind Hall, but he could not tell Morgana who had asked him to do so. He promised to see whether his client would agree to give additional information about Edmund’s supposed death.

Morgana has since learned that Edmund hooked up with a flighty fellow named Jim Williams, who said that he had some good information that might help them capture Iaondrin Shal A’nari, who has a sizable bounty on her head, as she returned from the Clunne lands in the far southwest. Jim and Edmund traveled only part way before learning that their quarry had passed them by somewhere along the road, on her own way back to Darilei in search of the silversmith Telanya i’Syvo, the wife of someone name Raeve Syvoli. As of Message #76 in this thread,Morgana is currently contemplating a trip to Jord, where Telanya i’Syvo lives.


Iminye returned to the Libraries to see what information Dominta Nadiya had managed to pull together for her about the Stregoni. She spent the next few days socializing while waiting for someone from the Stregoni to contact her, having already received one short written message from the mysterious society. She returned to her carriage one night to find a shadowed figure speaking to her from the darkness inside. It told her that she would need to undergo a geas of some sort before she could learn anything of the Stregoni, and that if she wished to proceed she had to do so right then and there — dismiss her servants and allow him to drive the carriage away.

As of Message # 229 in this thread,, Iminye has now been geased and is talking with two members of the Stregoni, one of whom has revealed himself to be a half-Shal segnato in service to Dembrosio Shal Antazos.

Mobley, Tara, Jonathan, Jochim

Traveling with a high level mage, even an old and feeble one such as Alfeo Shal Bianchi, as some advantage — the group was able to teleport straight to Hanport. Unfortunately, they found it half-destroyed and in the process of being ransacked by League forces who are seeking to burn out smugglers. Some information-gathering confirmed that the “mage and his man” have already picked up the package and are traveling overland to Hinderlet.

Another teleport spell (a process that carries them through some plane of some sort devoid of color, on a mountain in winter with a shadowed keep above them, and the footprints of bare feet in the snow), and they were HInderlet several days ahead of their targets. Tara recruited an old acquaintance from her past life as an assassin for hire to assist in setting up and carrying out an ambush of the mage. The plan went better than expected (despite Jochim’s near death at the hands of the mage’s man, who turned out to be a spell-casting Evandin); the mage, Safford, whose madness rendered him unable to cast Politi magic, was rendered unconscious, and the Evandin, Jameson Lewes, agreed to turn over the books without further interference in exchange for allowing him, Safford and the third member of their party — Rawn Markey, whose scars marked her as a former pit-fighter from Helve — live.

The party beat a hasty retreat. Jonathan split off on his own, to lay a false trail for anyone who might try to pursue them (and thereby avoiding a return to Halveet, where both Hugh Vernon and Dusan might be out to get him). Bianchi teleported everyone to Malisis (with the passage between showing that the landscape in that nether-realm had moved closer to evening); Tara wanted to follow up on her plan to approach Koshofer in the hopes of finding out who had placed the contract on Aureus’s/Seran’s head. Jochim agreed to accompany her. As of Message #21 in this thread, they are trying to get to Koshofer through his middleman (or woman), Agnatta.

Mobley and Bianchi returned to Halveet to find Daris waiting for them. They are now examining the three books, in the hopes of figuring out why someone wanted to steal all three, as of Message # 389 in this thread.


Left to her own devices, Amira went to the Libraries in the hopes of finding someone who could translate the question Lord Tamasi had asked Ned Foster’s dead body. She was directed to two scholars who were conferring with Hichiro, a Neridi clansmen, through some sort of magical mirror, in an effort to work out a written form of the Neridi language. Once she spoke the question phonetically, Hichiro told her that Tamasi has asked about something that two sides were vying for, and whether “she” had won the contest — the body had answered in the affirmative. HIchiro invited Amira to visit the Neridi lands, and she said she would like to do so after she took care of something else.

The something else was finding a nearby fey to “recharge” her with fey magic. The two language scholars told Amira that Dorsey, the island off the coast from Halveet, had a local fey known as the Fossegrim living in a waterfall. Amira went off to Dorsey and, with the assistance of Millett Ryerson, a mostly human great-great grandson of the Fossegrim, to bargain. She and the Fossegrim bartered song for song as an initial trade, with her playing out a son that called forth sounds of the waters in her homeland and him offering a song about Niamh, a selkie, who loved a human man but was forsaken by him for a human wife.

Amira then offered another song for a touch of fey magic, and was surprised to find the Fossegrim pulling her to the bottom of a deep, deep pool to carry out his end of the bargain. Ryerson pulled her out, explaining that the Fossegrim considered his deal done when Amira reached the bottom of the pool, regardless of whether she ever made it back to the surface alive. Amira is trying to decide whether to visit the selkies who have taken up residence on a rocky islet south of Dorsey, as of Message # 183 in this thread.


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