Homebrew glossary


dwerg: The setting term used to refer to dwarves.

debt-marked: The term in common for the indentured servants of Sa’iph, enslaved under a system of inherited debt.

Quaj: The term for all elves that live in Tivaris. See Shal.

segnato: The term in Shal for the debt-marked slaves of Sa’iph.

Shal: The setting term used to refer all elves except those that live in Tivaris — there are no differences between “wood elves” or “grey elves” or whatever. Please note that there are differences in the setting’s concept of “elves” and the traditional D&D 3.5/Pathfinder concept of elves. They are not shorter than humans (they are, in fact, on average taller), do not take a -2 to constitution, and live only a few centuries. They also need to sleep.

weinig: The setting term used to refer to halflings.

Homebrew glossary

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