The Albeggiare

The Albeggiare, or the Order of the Dawn, is an order of knights and priests within the Temple of Hamal. Their mission is to evangelize the word of Hamal. They mirror the traditional structure of the Temple of Hamal:

  • The Kardinal (Alphonse Orrick), who leads the order
  • The Archmaters and Archpaters
  • The Maters and Paters
  • The Fraters and Sorella

Corrieri Santo di Luce

In addition to the traditional structure of the Church, the Albeggiare have the Corrieri Santo di Luce. (Note on translation: the translation of Corrieri Santo di Luce is “the holy messengers of light” or “the holy couriers of light”). The Corrieri Santo di Luce are the military arm of the Albeggiare. The early fraters and sorella realized that the Temple of Hamal would need defenders of the faith, especially for the missionaries and evangelists who would travel far into the world. The founders of the Albeggiare inducted a few knights into their service to protect and serve Hamal. This was then passed down into the Corrieri Santo as they are known today.


In training, the knights of the Albeggiare go through three stages:

  1. Paggio – When a child turns eight, she may become a Paggio to the Albeggiare. A Paggio will serve the Fraters and Sorella of a temple. They learn the rites and rituals of Hamal, as well assisting the service of the Temple’s patrons. They learn courtly manners, orders, and traditions. Finally, they spend their time wearing the giovane armatura and learning the basics of knightly combat.
  2. Scudiero – When a paggio turns fourteen, she becomes bonded to a corriere as a scudiero. The scudiero will serve the corriere as a shield bearer while also learning from the corriere. A scudiero will carry her corriere’s armor, attend to her equipment, and help her prepare and research her holy texts as needed. Finally, when a corriere believes a scudiero is ready, she is submitted to the santo prove, or holy trials. Upon completion, the scudiero’s corriere will perform the vincollo, binding the scudiero to the service of Hamal as a santo corriere.
  3. Santo corriere – The holy knights of the Albeggiare. Most are simply called corriere. The corriere’s mission is three-fold:
    1. To spread the word of Hamal.
    2. To be a defender of righteousness for all people.
    3. To free from bondage all those held in slavery.

This bond is sacred, and if broken, or should the corriere do great evil, they are stripped of their knighthood and often lose their powers. Indeed, it is this loss of power which often precedes being stripped of knighthood.

Additional Definitions:

Giovane armatura – This armor is worn by the _paggio during combat trainings and occasionally during day-to-day activities. Several different sizes are kept for the children as they grow. They wear it to build muscle strength and learn how to wield armor. [Gameplay trait: Armored Expert trait]

Santo prove – The holy trials a scudiero must pass to become corriere.

Vincollo – A special ceremony wherein a scudiero who has passed the santo prove is bonded to the service of Hamal. This ceremony is traditionally performed by the scudiero’s corriere, although this is not always possible. (For example, when the corriere has died).


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