An Inconvenience Rightly Considered

This Is Not the Adventure Log You Are Looking For
No, really, it's not

This is a play-by-post campaign hosted on RolePlay On-Line — since the entire story occurs in a play-by-post format, I will not be maintaining an on-going Adventure Log here on Obsidian Portal. Instead, whenever I get around to updating the “Summaries of the Stories to Date”, I will post those Summaries here on the Wiki — and, perhaps, on an on-going basis on the Adventure Log.

Due to RPOL’s policies regarding the use of salty language, the in-character threads of the game are not public and can be read only by members granted access to the game. If you are not a player in the game, but would like to read the in-character threads on RPOL (that’s a link to the game on RPOL), you need an RPOL account. You can then go to the game and “Request to Join the Game” — I will add you as a “lurker.” RPOL is free — and after creating an account, you should browse around to see if you would like to run a game there, or find one that you might enjoy playing in.


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