Donato de Casa-Branca

Ranger, wizard, explorer ... an orphan in search of his lost mother


This Shal is not amongst the youngest around. For a fighter, some would even say his years are over ; but what he lacks in physical strength, he obviously makes up in skill and style.

Style ; one thing this swordsman does not lack. His long and thick blonde hair seems magically arrayed, his chain armour is made of the finest mithral and constantly maintained in perfect shape, his grey outfit is flawless and even his dark velvet cloak shows not even a wrinkle. His worn out boots are the only sign revealing that he does get out of the cosy salons and into the wild occasionally. His light blue eyes and proud features reveal his noble origins, as do his polite — some say haughty — manners and speech. He wears a brooch that marks him as kinsman of the So family. This has brought him good care on occasion, but often unnecessary attention from villains. Luckily for him, so far he always managed to take care of it by drawing steel. Those who have seen Donato de Casa-Branca fight remember he keeps perfect composure and proportions at all time, showing off his skills, perhaps just for the sake of it, perhaps also to hit where he knows it will hurt. He has gathered extensive knowledge on fighting techniques, wild creatures anatomy, monsters’ strengths and weaknesses, and makes good use of it in any situation. He writes manuals and handbooks to share this knowledge, though little students have shown interest so far. He usually travels light, carrying only his fine weaponry : a finely crafter rapier bearing the family coat of arms, a small hammer of white metal and a broad-bladed dagger, a small shield of soot-black wood.

Donato de Casa-Branca

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