Dagobert Nimbletoes

A light-fingered halfling with uncontrollable curiosity


Standing a little over 3", Dagobert is rather short even by halfling standards. He has the looks of a sly person, always seeming a bit dodgy, even when he’s up to no bad…

He lacks the gracious and affable demeanour of easygoing rogues, as well as the usually cunning and clever eye. There’s however something special in the way he gazes at things, as if he had insights that others can’t perceive. His gear is extremely simple, consisting of a leather coat and the proverbial adventurer’s backpack. His clothes look mainly utilitarian, but he wears a few items that are of obvious superior quality, and seemingly of higher standard than what you could expect on your average dagger for hire…

Dagobert Nimbletoes

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